We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for the Household Support Fund. This fund was introduced by the UK Government to support those most in need this winter during the final stages of economic recovery. The funding is available to 31 March 2022. To be eligible for a payment through the Household Support Fund, you must:

• live in Wolverhampton

• be aged 16 or over

• be in receipt of benefits or be on a low income (earning less than the National Living Wage of £9.50 per hour), and able to evidence this.

Accepted benefits are:

Universal Credit

Working Tax Credit/Child Tax Credit

Employment and Support Allowance

Jobseeker’s Allowance

Income Supporto Pension Credit

Housing Benefit

Council Tax Support.

Not have access to any funds that can be relied on to meet the need you are applying for, and where you would be left with insufficient resources which would cause serious risk to your own, or your family’s, health, or safety.

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