All homes are let to the ‘lettable standard’, this is the standard you can expect when you move into your new home. 

We will make sure your new home is clean, safe, secure and in reasonable repair. We will also let you know if there are any planned repairs or improvements to your new home.

Standards you can expect in your new home

We will clean the property before you move in and the property will be in a presentable condition.

This means we will:

  • Clean kitchen units and worktops
  • Wash down all paintwork
  • Clean windows (internally)
  • Clean and disinfect sinks, toilets, baths and wash hand basins
  • Sweep and clean floors
  • Clear rubbish from the property including gardens, outbuildings and communal areas
  • Sheds or outbuildings that are unsafe will be removed

Your home will be safe

This means we will:

  • Complete the required gas and electrical safety checks and give you a copy
  • Repair or replace missing or unsafe flooring and floor treads on stairs
  • Repair or replace missing, or damaged, handrails
  • Remove polystyrene ceiling tiles from kitchens, halls, stairs and landing ceilings
  • Replace missing or damaged glazing
  • Inspect for possible asbestos and, if found, take action to remove it or make it safe
  • Remove alterations or fixtures and fittings, made by previous tenants that do not meet our standards. Alterations left in place will be made safe.  You will be given the choice of keeping these alterations or requesting that they are removed at the time of the viewing.  If you choose to keep these fixtures or fittings you may be responsible for maintaining them.
  • Normally remove garden ponds. Occasionally, due to environmental issues, we may be required to leave the pond in place. We will let you know this when you view the property.

Your home will be secure

This means we will:

  • Change door locks on all properties wherever possible. A minimum of two keys will be supplied for all locks, including lockable windows
  • Install a battery or a hard-wired (electric) smoke alarm
  • Ensure rear gates at your property will be safe and secured with a bolt
  • Replace missing fencing, forming a boundary between open land such as railway lines and canals.Fencing or gates between properties which are found to be unsafe will be removed. They will normally be replaced as part of our planned fencing programme

Your home will be in reasonable repair

This means we will:

  • Complete major structural works before you move in
  • Ensure that doors and windows will open and close correctly
  • Ensure that kitchen and bathroom fittings are usable and fit for purpose
  • Maintain washable floor coverings in kitchens and bathrooms (where previously provided)
  • Ensure that there is a either a gas or electrical cooker supply
  • Supply plumbing connections for washing machines where possible
  • Ensure taps and plumbing is working and free from visible leaks and blockages
  • Ensure gullies and grids are clean and free from obstruction
  • Explain now to operate the heating system during your gas test and commission
  • Ensure visible plaster work is in satisfactory condition (if you find damaged plaster when you redecorate, contact us for advice)
  • Ensure that the property is wind and weather tight
  • Ensure that gardens are strimmed and left manageable

Moving in

Once you have signed for your property we expect you to move into your new home straight away. Your Housing Officer will make an appointment to visit you to make sure you have settled in. You must tell us immediately if you are not able to move in for any reason. If you fail to move in any universal credit or Housing Benefit will be delayed and you could fall into arrears with your rent.

Central heating test

When you have your gas and electricity supplies in place, your central heating will need to be tested and commissioned to make sure it is working correctly.  You will need to call 01902 556789 for an appointment.


We want you to make your home your own, so you can decorate and make some home improvements. We no longer issue redecorating vouchers, your kitchen and bathroom will however be decorated before you move in. 

Easing doors/removing doors

If any doors need easing after you’ve had carpets fitted or doors removing to accommodate your furniture, you will need to arrange this yourself at your own cost.

Home contents insurance

We do not insure your belongings and you are strongly advised to arrange your own home contents insurance.