Your rent covers the cost of providing your home and services such as repairs and maintenance.
Your rent may also include a charge for communal services (cleaning, concierge services, heating and fencing improvements).

How your rent is set?    

Your weekly rent is based on a formula set by the Government which takes into account:

  • The value of your home
  • Average local wages
  • The number of bedrooms
  • Average council rents nationally

The Government has said that all organisations that provide social housing should use the same formula to set rents.  This will mean that in future, the rent for the same type of house, in the same area, will be identical whoever the landlord is.

How is rent paid?    

Rent is payable over 52 weeks and is due weekly in advance.  If you pay weekly, make sure your rent is paid, cleared and up to date before the coming Monday.  If you pay fortnightly or monthly, you need to make sure your account is always clear or in credit.

This year (2024/2025) is what’s known as a 53-Monday or 53-week year. Due to the way the calendar falls, rent will be charged 53 times instead of the usual 52. This occurrence happens every six or seven years.

Will rent go up?    

Rent’s are reviewed on an annual basis and will increase on the 1st April annually. The City of Wolverhampton Council will issue a notice to all tenants under Sections 102 and 103 of the Housing Act 1985, to inform them of any rent increases before they are applied from the 1st April each financial year.

Overpaid rent   

If you have overpaid rent you can request a refund.   

To request a refund you can contact our office on 01902 552780. You will be asked to complete a rent refund form. Once we have received your form, we aim to process your refund in 15 working days.